What do women want from men?

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Each girl draws an image of her ideal man since the childhood, and later attempts to find that men – the prince in shining armour, to build a happy future together. When the girls realises that a man of her perception of ideal might be unrealistic to find, in which case a new strategy becomes approached, which is to mold the man from what he has.

Success of any relationship does not depend on a stamp in your passport but rather on the characteristics of the person that you have chosen yourself as a partner, and whether these characteristics fit your own personality. Therefore before marriage, think several times whether you are ready to come to an old age with this person, as often people realise in just a few years after, they have made a big mistake.

Have a longer time to think, talk to your friend and family and seek for an honest advice, as this decision will have a decisive impact on your life and can take a turn in different directions. Before jumping into marriage, pay a visit to some beautiful escorts, and realise what you are losing, this might change your mind. At London escort agency, you can find a variety of charming escort girls that are known for being the best at what they do. However, if even after having met a stunning lady you are still feeling like your partner is the one for your, then perhaps it is the right choice for your, as nothing is stronger than true love.

To be able to decide better and choose the right lady, first let’s understand what do women want from us?

  1. On the first it is about appearance. In other words, it is not so much about natural data as about external, more specifically about the ability to care about own appearance and simply being well groomed. Men do not find it attractive either, if the lady he has invited out for a dinner, walks in an old dressing gown, all messed up and with dirt under nails. And surely, it is also unpleasant for your partner to inhale the smell of sweaty armpits (because you were too lazy to take a shower in the morning and use a deodorant). And about you bristle – either shave it or not. If not, then look after your vegetation so that it had a decent look. And if you shave then do it regularly, not occasionally. To conclude, this often plays a vital role, as it makes the first impression about the men.
  2. Existence of intelligence is also a very important factor – the second critera which the woman looks for in the man to decide whether he is the right one. Are you irritated by a women’s talk about clothes, fashion and dramas? It is also difficult for women to understand your interest in football, cars and computer games behind which you may be spending your free time. It is important to treat each other’s interests with respect and also have common ground with converstations on general subjects.

Otherwise, relationship often turns into the existence of two people that are foreign to each other but live under the same roof. This does not necessarily mean that men need to study science and build rockets, but there should be an adequate level of culture. This is also important for the men that want to raise their social staturs, because to climb to higher positions, it is necessary to own certain level of knowledge and to be able to debate on more global things than fishing and football.

  1. The man has constantly develop and grow professionally. Any women wants to see potential in their partner and if her husband has remained on the same position for his entire life, there is no hope for the better days. At the end of the day, it also comes down to money and social status as well.
  2. There has to be a male in the house, and the man has to play this role. Even if your woman can change a bulb or repair the sink, it doesn’t mean that she is obliged to do it, as she has different roles that she is responsible for. If your partner also goes to work, as well as you, but you afford, having come home, to settle on a sofa and to have a rest, while she runs in the kitchen to prepare dinner for the both of you and does other housework at the same time, then it is clearly obvious that there is no male in the house, who takes responsibility of not just himself, but the partner as well. It is important that both partners help each other at all times. To avoid family conflicts in the future, it may be a good idea to agree beforehand on who is responsible for what functions in the family.
  3. If you have children, you have to be a good father for them. Not nominal but real, which is something ladies find crucial in order to settle with a men, as they cannot live with someone they cannot trust raising a kid.You are expected to do the normal things, to take a walk in the park during the weekend, to teach how to ride a bicycle, find time for conversations and supporting his education.
  4. The man has to always remain attentive and romantic more than two times a year (birthday and the woman’s day). Male attention for women is like water for flowers without which they will dry out. Or if there is a lack of attention, the flower may end up being with another gardener.

When romanticism leaves relationship, scandals and conflict begin. If the woman has agreed to be with you and it has been a long time – it doesn’t mean that now you can silently turn yourn back after sex and snore. The woman still needs your attention and caress. It doesn’t mean that you have to give her expensive gifts and take her to restaurants all the time, it is enough pay attention a little bit  more often, pay her sincere compliments, show in her life and not forget to say «I love you». This obviously should go both ways, however man being the male must always act first.

  1. And finally learn to see, hear and understand your partner and don’t wait until she tells you what needs to be done. You have to become a single whole where words aren’t necessary to understand what your partner wants.

What do women expect from a relationship?

First of all, all women are different and everyone is in own way individual, which is why their expectations also differ. As men get to know women better they will be able to understand their desires. If you feel you aren’t ready, ask yourself a question – why are you dating her? If her beauty is all that matters for you then you need to reconsider the priorities.

She expects that you will be her friend. What this means is you have to have some common interests that you can always talk aand share thoughts about. There are no two absolutely identical people and it is natural that some things are pleasant to you and aren’t to her, however being different may in fact result in a more succesful relationship, as there is more to learn about each other, comparing to the pair of people that are too similar. However, having more common interests, may bring more pleasure from communication with each other.

Furthermore, sometimes you are expected to do something that may not be very pleasant to you but it is important for her, and vice versa. It can also be the opposite, for example if you need to go to an action but she won’t want to go with you and you will be forced to go alone, you shouldn’t become upset. Accept it the same way as when one of your friends doesn’t want to do something together with you or he has other interests. Also, altough it is remarkable to spend some time with your friends but as a rule you have to prefer to be near your partner or always offer her to join you.If you understand that you would prefer to leave her alone and to enjoy society of the friends or a company of an escort, you should think whether you really want to be with her in general.

As a rule, if men speak with someone about problems, they look for solutions of these problems, whereas women, on the contrary, speak about the problem to express emotions and feelings, her attitude to a problem. Usually they don’t need the answer; just to speak about it.

You shouldn’t offer advice to the woman if she doesn’t ask you about it. And you don’t need to always agree with your partner but she has the right to have an opinion same as you, and it is only fair from you to respect it. Ask her advice and speak with her about what occurs in your life, she will appreciate it and be happy to be more involved. Also, be ready to listen to what she tells and to support her when she has problems. You really have to pay attention to whats she says and how she feels to have a healthy relationship.

The woman expects that the man will understand her sexuality. When men want sex they quickly get excited, become emotional and passionate, whereas women need time to get excited and start to feel the desire. Moreover, she expects romanticism from you. Even if you are not romantic, it isn’t obligatory to write verses on love or to send her flowers every day. It can be simple things like for example, inviting her on a date, an unexpected call from work, acquaintance with your friends and other.

To sum up, in order to win her heart, show that you really love her. In the fact that is what she expects from you. For the woman it is important to feel that she is loved, desired, that she is the best for you. It won’t cost you anything but it will cost very much for her.

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